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Cinder Smoke

Cinder Smoke


Smoky, woodsy goodness in a bottle.

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The sun has set, and you’re seated next to the campfire watching the soft smoke slowly drift towards the full moon while the logs crackle and echo faintly throughout the woods. Cinder Smoke captures the smoldering scents of cedar and birch while smoothly transitioning into lighter wisps of vanilla and sandalwood. Go outside, explore, and get lost in this smoky, woodsy scent.




  • Love the packaging. Thanks for the sample! I can't wait to see if my sweetie likes them!

    Carrie D.

  • Smells great! Previously bought the honeysuckle oil, and it was a big hit. This will make a great gift. Thank you!


  • This smells. . .so good. *sheds a single perfect tear*


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Sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Vitamin E, Essential oils


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