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Why Beard Oil is a Must for New Beardsmen

Beard oil is a tool to help condition and soften your beard while moisturizing the skin beneath your bushy face mane. Moisturized skin helps to relieve the itching and dandruff (beardruff) associated with growing out a beard. The beginning stages of beard growth can oftentimes feel like the worst if you’re not using anything to help relieve the process. Most people don’t make it past the beginning stages because of the itchiness and scratchy feeling that comes with an un-oiled beard. A beard treated with this product also helps minimize split ends and prevents irritation at the roots, which in turn helps your beard keep growing long and healthy. The scents we offer will also compliment your masculinity quite well.

Use our beard oil once or twice a day and apply to a wet beard (preferably after a shower or face wash) for better distribution of the oils. The size of your beard determines the amount of oil that you should use. Start small when applying for the first time (a little oil goes a LONG way) and pour slowly from the bottle. After applying, store your bottle in a cool, dark place.

* Always do a skin test before full use. If any sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately. May contain allergens to certain individuals.


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